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Lesson 3: Common Mistakes | Qaida Sessions

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Common Mistakes 

ا – Imāla (between the Kasra and Fatha)

ت – sounds like the ‘t’ in English

ث – between the thā and the ṣād

ج – not touching the upper palate enough

ح – too weak

خ – too weak

د – close to the tā

ذ – sounds like the zā

ر – too weak, the tip of the tongue needs to come back

س – tongue too far back

ص – more rounded mouth

ض – too light sounds like dāl

ط – too light sounds like heavy tā

ظ – too light sounds like dhāl

ع – not enough stress on throat sounds like hamza

غ – not enough stress on top of the throat

ق – too light, need to touch the furthest part of the back of the tongue

ك – tongue touching the back of the upper palate

و – sounds like a ‘v’ in English

ه – too heavy, sounds like ḥā

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