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Lesson 6: Huruf al-Muqatta’aat | Qaida Sessions

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In this lesson, we will see a combination of letters that occur at the beginning of some surahs of the Quran – Huruf al-Muqatta’aat.

We will now reread the name of the letters. Notice that some of the letters have a red squiggly line on top of it. That means we’re going to stretch the name of the note (6 counts) while pronouncing the ones that don’t have the red mark on top of it in the same way that we have previously.

This time make sure the distinction between the two counts and the six counts is established and the rules of Idghaam and Ikhfaa are applied correctly.

*** after lesson 2, in lesson 3 we should be able to recognise all of the letters of the Arabic alphabet and be able to read their names of them, even when seeing them in an ayah in which you can breakdown letter by letter (an example is given in the book). 


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