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12 Weeks of Online Classes
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Learn to recite every word of the Quran with the correct pronunciation alongside a Quran teacher and community of like-minded Muslims.

Are you ready to start reciting Allah’s words confidently and proficiently?

If you’re a complete beginner in reciting the Quran, you’re probably scrambling through the internet looking for videos that teach the Arabic alphabet in the easiest and simplest way. Once you find some, you spend hours trying to copy their recitation and remember all the rules you learn.

But, how do you know you’re reciting correctly and how do you stay motivated to carry on this noble journey towards reciting proficiently?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, insha’Allah.

Our resources section below and free, interactive Qaida classes catered for complete beginners is here to help you reach all your recitation goals and beyond, insha’Allah.

Articulation Points in Tajweed | Qaida Sessions

Makharij And Sifaat | Qaida Sessions

Common Mistakes | Qaida Sessions

Arabic Letters | Qaida Sessions

Introduction To Tanween | Qaida Sessions

Huruf al-Muqatta’aat | Qaida Sessions

Introduction To Madd | Qaida Sessions

Tanween, Madd and Madd Leen Words | Qaida Sessions

Shaddah Words | Qaida Sessions

Huroof Madd Leen | Qaida Sessions

Introduction To Sukoon | Qaida Sessions

Sukoon and Ikhfaa | Qaida Sessions

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